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04:52 am 25.01.2019
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04:52 am 25.01.2019

My car had a minor accident with another car. The traffic police had decided the other party was in the wrong and fined him RM300. I called up his insurance company, Kurnia Insurance Bhd, a lady from the claim department told me to go ahead and repair my car and then submit the document for the claim since I had a third party insurance with the Liberty Insurance I bought from the post office. After the repair, I called up the claim department again, this time another staff told me I must get an adjuster report of which the first lady staff did not tell me so! I had taken some pictures of my car before and after the repair. Now I need a good and helpful adjuster to assist in my claim. The repair had cost me around RM800.

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Petaling Jaya, Selangor

01:51 pm 25.01.2019

Hi, thank you for reaching out to us. For your privacy protection, I have removed the vehicle numbers.

It is unfortunate that the claims department of Kurnia is telling you different information. The proper procedure would be to get an adjuster report first, before repairing. The other insurance company will reimburse you for the adjuster report cost. We have written an article about how to make a third party claim in Malaysia. You can read there what documents you need to send to the insurance company.  https://www.ibanding.com/accident-making-a-third-party-claim/

Here in short the documents you need: 

Original copy of the police report made by you

The Keputusan report issued by the police department

Copy of your NRIC

Copy of your driver’s license

Car registration card

Adjuster report including bill of repair cost for your car (or your damaged property)

Photo if any, of the damaged car (or property)

In your case, the adjuster report will cost about RM 200-300, so it would be in the best interest of the insurance company to save that cost. Now that the insurance company insist on the report, you will need to provide it. 

I hope, we are able to help and that you can get your costs quickly paid back by the company. Please update us. 

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