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01:31 am 25.01.2019

Just curious. What is the procedure to claim from medicard? I never claimed before and my agent also never explained.

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Petaling Jaya, Selangor

01:53 pm 25.01.2019

Hi Jeremyy,

For emergency cases, just show your medical card and NRIC to admission counter and they will let you sign the claim form. Make sure you going to panel hospital to avoid all hassles. In case do happen that you were not going panel hospital, get the original receipt and itemized billing to do file and claim later, ask for discharge slip if possible.

For non-emergency cases, you may ask the hospital to proceed to get Guarantee Letter (GL) or Letter of Guarantee (LoG) from insurance company first before your admission. Hospital will happy to do that for you. 

Keep all your pre and post hospitals receipts and itemized billing. The pre and post hospital days depends on your policy, usually you will have 30days pre and 30days post hospital benefits. Majority offer more days. 

Hope it helps. 

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