Car accident .. comprehensive coverage for thirty party claim

10:27 pm 25.07.2019
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10:27 pm 25.07.2019

Hi...i was involved in an accident and not my fault .. the person hit the back of my car and cause my car damage. My car Insurance under HIP with comprehensive coverage. The sum insured is 35K and the repair cost about 40-50K, so own insurance HIP/MSIG offer total loss. Since I'm not the faulty party, I want to go with 3rd party claim and have car repair fixing done at the HIP panel workshop .. pls advise how to proceed? Btw, can HIP/ MSIG assist to pursue claim on any loss of use from the faulty car insurance also ?

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08:51 pm 17.06.2019

Hi Amanda, 

we do not have all the information, but from the information, you have provided, the following process can take place. 

A) If you have comprehensive insurance, you can do the following: 

After you have reported to the police, you should make a report to your insurance company under "No fault". You will not lose your NCD, and your car insurance company will help you claim the money. It sounds like your car is a total loss because the repair cost is higher than the value of the car. Since the repair cost is higher than the value of your car (sum insured), it does not make sense to repair, and you will get the money paid out. With the cash, you can buy a new car. 

B) If you do not have comprehensive insurance or you want to make a 3rd party claim, you can do the following: 

You will need to do everything on your own and claim from the 3rd party insurance. You will need to check for yourself who the insurance company is and bring the car to the panel workshop of the other party's insurance company. 

You can make pursuit to claim for loss of use, you will need to provide proof of the cost to the insurance company. 

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