Individual Takaful for 25 years old

07:14 am 24.07.2019

Im 25 years old. I want to ask about one of the Takaful plan that I join. I have to pay RM37 every months. But I feel like giving up of the plan that I join. One of the reason is because of the benefits. The plans called myElite Takaful. What do you think? Should I continue or not?? If you know about this plan, can you explain to me about the termination of this plan?? Do I get my money back?? I join this plan for 3 months already. Its still a new plan. Thank you in advance

Luke R
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06:21 pm 25.07.2019

Hi Syaheera, the Takaful plan you have purchased is called Takaful myElite PA and is a Personal Accident Insurance. You can read about the difference between life insurance and personal accident in our article here: Difference Personal Accident to Life Insurance

It is difficult to let you know what you think because we do not know why you purchased the takaful? What was the reason you bought it? 

You can easily cancel the contract, but you will not receive back any money, because Personal Accident insurance does not come with a savings part and your payment is monthly. 

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